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MI Secret Gallery

Age: Old enough to be your mother.

My favorite member is Georg, with Gustav a close second.

I belong to a medieval reenactment group called the Society for Creative Anacronism. Knights in armor, seriously. It's awesome. Like the ren-faire only earlier.

In the society I am a Merchant and part time Pirate, breed plushie Dragons for fun and profit, am a professional costumer, and a Soaper. (Meaning I make and sell soap professionally) ((649 kinds at last count)) I am also listed in the Historical Yellow pages, the guide to historical resources for Film and TV. Not easy to get into, LOL

I also make and sell Jewelry, am a member of the Society for Storytelling, and am a retired professional Dominatrix.

I crochet like every good grandmother should, except I tend to crochet beaded thongs and scarves for belly dancers. I also embroider, and make a really good meatloaf.

My hobbys include rubberstamp art and scrapbooking, and searching for rare HQs of the boys being inappropriately aroused. oh, and I sketch a little.

Hope that helps, XD